Incentive Campaign


My Role
Campaign Designer
App Designer
Nov 2019

Win your trip of a lifetime to Arizona - the whole incentive campaign

This was a big one, an entirely branded and luxury experience package for the best salespeople in Peugeot, 2019. The incentive ran all of 2019 and was due to take flight to Arizona in April 2020; but of course disaster struck with the global pandemic and the trip was cancelled. The designs consisted of:

  • Branded campaign logo and palette
  • Branded luggage tags
  • Branded itinerary (A5 travel booklet)
  • Branded website and app
  • Branded postcards and food menus
  • Branded teaser leaflets and letterheads

Not a total waste

While it's disappointing for the salespeople that they didn't get to travel, I had a great time stretching the design muscles and creating something exciting and fresh for a trip to the sunny desert plains of Arizona. Not to mention looking at some absolutely breathtaking imagery of Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

Plus it's a great example of what I can do for you. If you're planning a holiday in your business or personal life and want it to be branded uniquely for you (including all the collateral listed above), get in touch. Maybe a romantic honeymoon or even an all-expenses paid family vacation. Let's make that trip a once-in-a-lifetime for you.