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My Role
Marketing Designer
Aug 2020

Sustainable housing, branding and a £250,000 profit

Praesidio Management is run by a lovely couple, Ben and Malaika Green. Ben commissioned me to update his out-dated portfolio document, which he sends to investors to get funds for his future projects. He also requested an update to his website, that completely ties-in with his branding for the new PDF document. And he loved them both so much, he also paid for a Praesidio-branded version of my own Direct To Vendor letter template, that I'd made several months earlier.

It's safe to say Ben was thrilled with the results of a consistent and clean brand update, and you can see the website here. It's on hold for now pending some updates, but the Investor Doc in the images below has already gone out to investors.

Over £250,000 profit from one design

Yep, you read that correctly. A month after I designed Ben's new Investor Proposal Document, he came back to me with an email. He'd sent it to multiple investors and they loved the new design and content so much, they'd agreed to loan his company over quarter of a million pounds in investment funding. How amazing is that?

Good design can make you a lot of money, and this is the proof. Ben has a company people are willing to invest in, so his latest success isn't just because of the design. A professional image forms a subconscious basis for trust, and a bad design can make people distrust you (even if your company is great). So without the new brand - without clear, trustworthy and persuasive design, would people be as willing to invest? Probably not!

If you want to get more customers, spread the word about your services or secure investment funding for your business, look no further. Together we'll create a winning design that brings you lots of profit. Get in touch to get started: your future self will thank you.