Sail Homes

My Role
July 2021

Sell your house quickly and hassle-free with Sail Homes!

I've designed the branding and web systems for this incredibly dedicated, sleek and efficient team for today's home-sellers.

Working with a dedicated team of professionals in Bristol has been fantastic for the last 5 years. And when they told me they're setting up a new company called Sail Homes, I jumped at the opportunity to create their branding from the ground up. Jamie wanted something ultra modern and clean, that would also appeal to the older generation and be as user-friendly as possible. Fortunately, that's my specialty!

The Sail brand was born. This includes:

  • Sail Homes - the revolutionary new estate agent for chain-free homes
  • Sail Legal - the conveyancing and solicitors for the property sales
  • Sail Probate - the probate service that handles deceased estates

The entire brand umbrella of 'Sail' is consistent across the board, created using skills acquired over a decade of branding and design. I'd be thrilled to create the same result for your company.