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My Role
App Designer
May 2020

An incentive, in house-app for top sales teams

Through an employee engagement agency I've worked with for many years, Vodafone hired me to create a fantastic update to their outdated and poorly designed employee portal. The new system was to be an exciting app that followed the 2020 Vodafone brand guidelines, and had some creative license with it to make something cross-platform, suitable on iOS and Android.

The result can be seen in the images below - a stunning, clean design that's functional and beautiful.

An app that inspired engagement

The purpose of the app was to get the sales staff across the UK to engage with each other, both in their own stores and across competing branches. The premise is that if you reward your colleagues, morale goes up, and sales go up in turn. This aligns with the company's attitude towards its employees too, where they're very people-driven.

As a UX designer, this was a refreshing change! It meant I could design what was truly best for the user without internal stakeholders compromising the design.